Personal Histories
It’s your life – but how much does your family really know? We’ll interview you, transcribe the interviews, and craft a flowing narrative for you. We’ll retain your voice, your expressions, and your sense of humor. We’ll add black and white and colored photos, sent to us via email or by snail mail. Our graphic designer will turn your story and photos into a work of art.

Family Histories
A family history goes a step farther than a personal history. It’s not just your life, but the lives of your immediate family and your ancestors — through wars, immigration, careers, volunteer work and more. The scope of the project is limited only by the available information, photos, and your budget.

A telling of a portion of your life, with no attempt at being comprehensive. Tales of your childhood, your first marriage, your Peace Corps experience, your military years, your business — whatever specific recollections you’d like to pass on.

Letter Transcriptions
A packet of old letters, perhaps tied in a pink or blue ribbon and found in a dusty attic, is transcribed, minimally edited, and printed as a book. Photos can be added, along with reproductions of parts of the letters themselves.

Celebration Books
We’ll collect memories and photos from friends and family to present to a loved one on a special occasion: graduation, wedding day, important birthday, retirement, and so on.

Child’s Books
A gathering of birth announcement and/or adoption papers, baby photos and achievements, birthday party and holiday photos, youthful scribblings, report cards, annual school photos, sports and scholastic awards — the milestones and memorabilia of a young life, preserved for your children and their children.

Bereavement Books
Memories and photos of a deceased loved one become a memento for family and close friends.

Business Histories
Capture the rise of the family business — the hard times and the good times, the people who drove it to success, the development of unique and/or superior products — memories , photos and documents that that celebrate an American success story.

Legacy Letters
Also called Ethical Wills, these short documents, with or without photos, are a statement of a person’s beliefs, values, hopes, lessons learned, apologies — whatever wisdom and/or advice you would like to pass on to succeeding generations. A legacy letter can be printed on archival paper and inserted in a presentation case, or framed for display. Artistic graphic enhancements add beauty and value.


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