I came upon the idea of personal histories while living on Maui in the 1980s and 90s. A graduate of Punahou School in Honolulu, I was part of a team of volunteers who interviewed prominent alumni for the school’s oral history project. It occurred to me that there might be a commercial market for oral histories, or better yet edited narratives based on the oral histories, but at the time I was a busy Realtor and freelance writer raising young children. At the time, too, there was no affordable way to publish such a finished product attractively and economically.

Fast forward to the computer age, where we now have easy ways to record interviews in person or by phone; transcription services and software; and high quality, reasonably priced small-run book publishing. Suddenly a good idea is a reality!

I spent many years as a Realtor, both on Maui and in Colorado, where the secret to my success was my interviewing skill — finding out what people really wanted in a home and helping them get it. Along the way I freelanced as a columnist and feature writer for the Maui News, continuing to develop my interviewing and writing skills. Along the way I wrote five published books, including my award-winning first novel, Paying the Price, based on my life as a Realtor on Maui. Click here to view an interview on Paying the Price.

When I became a personal historian, I realized that I had in fact fictionalized my own memoir in Paying the Price. I coined the term Creative Personal History to describe this niche in the personal history business.

In addition to personal histories, I also writes indexes for nonfiction books, working freelance for publishers, book packagers and individual authors all over the world. For more on indexing, see All Sky Indexing.
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